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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fresh start!

            It's been a while, I know. There were some big changes for Kiff and I this summer! We've relocated to Lincoln, Nebraska and are excited for our fresh start and exploring what the Midwest has to offer. I'll be working on a new blog layout and updates soon. Stay tuned! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Raccoon Cafe Kkukkune & Ihwa Mural Village.

            During my surprise visit to Seoul we ventured to a raccoon cafe near the Ihwa Mural Village. The Ihwa Mural Village is full of beautiful paintings and sculptures along stairs, alleyways and buildings. We enjoyed prancing around and taking all the photos we could! After wandering about we were ready to warm up with some coffee. There are a few raccoon cafes and although we had some trouble finding it and had some reservations about playing with raccoons we had to stop and have coffee with them. When you exit Hyehwa station take a left down the street towards the tall building with CGV at the top, on your right will be a pink and white Etude house, take the elevator just outside the entrance to the fifth floor where Kkukkune is located, the sign will be in black and yellow. There is an entry fee and a drink menu, we ordered coffees and rested our weary feet. There are six raccoons total and even though we went early in the evening, they were still sleeping, but one began waking up and we were able to pet him/her and play a wee bit! I truly love all the different themed restaurants in Asia. Hope you enjoy all the artwork as much as we did!

Magnolia Jane <3

Swinging and a giggling!
My wonderful hosts!
Flower children.

So much haze. Spot the face?
Meeko, aka Pocahontas' raccon!
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Plenty of contraptions for them to play on.
Albino raccons?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Seoul Sisters!

            It was my dearest friend's birthday and since she is now only a two hour flight from me I planned a surprise trip to celebrate her special day. I made a birthday cake, packed my carry-on and was ready to see what Korea had to offer. After an easy flight and a two hour bus ride, Christine's sweet husband picked me up and brought me to their place. Que screaming, jumping, obscenities and joy in it's purest form. Can't believe we pulled off this surprise. They took me out to a South African restaurant in their neighborhood where we enjoyed lamb pies and planned our trip to Seoul the next day. Seoul is a massive city with many districts that all have adventures to offer so we tried to cram as much as we could into one day. I was beyond thrilled to be with my best friend and experiencing new foods and customs. Our adventure started at the Namdaemun Flower market where I wanted to lie down and breathe in the heavenly scent of fresh flowers, a level below is a maze of jewelry vendors! Next was the Myung-dong shopping quarter, then the Jogyesa Temple with a sea of lanterns. The Ihwa Mural Village and Raccoon Cafe Kkukkune will have a separate post because there are too many photos! The last event of the day was filled with street food and illuminated cherry blossoms at the Yeondeungpo Yeouido festival. We spent 18 hours exploring Seoul and although our poor feet were exhausted from 14.39 miles and 992 stairs, we had a lovely time wandering the streets together. Thankfully the next morning we were able to sleep in then treated ourselves to a foot reflexology massage :) For my last night we ordered Korean Bulgogi take out and snuggled on the couch while we planned our next trip! Can't wait to go back in December.
Cake on a plane.
Namdaemun Flower Market. (37.55995, 126.9753)
All the dried flowers a girl could need.
(37.55998, 126.98582)
She is the queen of Snapchat.
I live off sugar.
And fried everything.
Subway chic.

Jogyesa Temple. (37.57437, 126.98264)

Chicken on a stick.
Yeondeungpo Yeouido, over 1,400 cherry blossom trees!

Succulent pork.
Watching the street performers.
On our way home!
Incheon Airport flower gardens.
Ice cream before I go, go.
Thank you for a wonderful weekend my love!